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21 ancient magic secrets

All purposes bracelet

Amaghudwana ( spirit Rats hired for $1500)

Amayembe spirits, (cash maker hired for $3500 a week)

Ancient magical secrets

Animal offering scarification,

Arabic spells,

Black magic spells,

Blood purification

Business spell

Court case spell, ancestral spell,

 Customized charms

Evil fight spell,

Fortune spells,

Free love spells

Free money spells

Magical Potions

Getting Over Someone Spell

Soften the Heart Spell


Healing Sickness spell

Wart Spell

Gambling Spell

Invisible stick

Life and love protection spells,

lose weight herbs

Love spell

Magic coin, promotion Powdered herbs

 magic sticks

Man stealer Spell

Manpower powder herbs,

Mixture of herbal medicines

Work finder charms.

Zam-Zam holy water.

79 spell attackers

Spirits track stick

Money rain maker spell,

Money spell,

Performance spell

protection stick and spell,

Revenge spell

Sexual mixed herbs

 Short boys   (Alien spirits Hired 

Wealthy spell and stick. Black knot,

Work man spirit spell,

$millionaires' cult

Attraction native knot, ghost hunter spell, 

Bad jinx remover spell & muthi herbs.

Bagorie quorituarium (tropical jinns)

Business talisman(Rings)

Cancer herbs

Divorce stick with a spell.

Eat and stay forever spell

Fertility /pregnancy medicine/spell

Gambling amulet stones

Hair grower cream remedies

Heart attacker herbal

 Herbal drink,

High and low blood pressure All All kind of herbal remedies

HIV-refined herbs

Lost love spells & herbal potions

Love protection spell,

Love spell amulet stones

Love spell talisman

Love voodoo

Lungs cleansing herbs

Memory spell

 Mountain remedies

Personal and business

project energetic protections.

Poverty fighter  jinni.

Quranical Recitation/duas/azmat/Taweez.

Sale quick spell

Sex appetizer

Skin lash herbs

Skin purification remedies.

Slimming herbs.

Sperming herbs

Spirits calling

Spiritual ability spell

Talukkalar statue

Triple strength charms

The Weed Curse

Vanity and Beauty

Lost and Found Spell

Candy Charm

Voodoo dolls

Women catching ring

79 spirits spell casting

Accident protection spells.

African mojo bags

Body beautifiers.

 Brain Booster remedies.

Business booster water.

Candle spells commanding

Evil & Black magic removal spirits.

Sexual appetizer for women.

Sickness free remover.

Spirits counseling

Voodoo magic seals

Voodoo penis enlargement

Wicca spells

Evil incense sticks and powders.

Exam passer express spell.

 Ganjuri arshi spells.

Hex/Curses Remover

Holy Ruq and purification.

Instant money spell

Jinns command remote.

Job keeper spells.

 Love attraction spell & knots.

Love me more charms.

Love Picture command

Love remote.

Lover’s picture spell commando

Memory riser

Money keeper stick & spells (you don't get broke)

Mysterious business

Mysterious love/lust

Mysterious money

Mysterious spell

Naqushi Sulaiman spells.

Pain removal herbs.

 Penis stiffer medicine.

Prophetical medical science & spells.

Mama Mariam Is A Number One African Female Traditional Healer

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