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101, Voortrekker rd, Cape Town, South Africa

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can i get assistance when i'm far?

Mama mariam can travel all over the world to meets her clients and offer the possible assistance from wherever they are. Therefore, no mater where you are located. However, you can also be assisted through a spiritual magical remote, the distance healing after sending your valid profile particulars to her.

What guarantee do you give if I don't get results?

Mama mariam guarantee is 100% money back if you don't get results within a Month. Otherwise she just make sure every results delivered within the given period of time without any excuse.

Is it possible that i can taste your medicine?

Honestly, Traditional medicine are not meant for test, however, you can approach Mama Mariam and whisper to her your problem, Then will friendly understand and resolve it for you as you may request.

How long does it take to see results?

Results are vary from time to time depending to the distance and individual case. However, mama mariam make sure that normal delivery of the results do not exceed 7 working days for big cases to resolve.

Can i still got church when am using your services?

Of course yes, This kind of service has nothing to do with any religion, race or colour. We all have our religions we follow and we serve God in our church. Moreover, God is the one anoints us with his spiritual powers through our family ancestors to perform this job.

Are your work registered & certified?

Of course yes! Mama Mariam is a traditional healer registered, accredited by the institutions of traditional healers organisation south Africa and certified by the world’s spiritual healing board. It's by your choices to ask for her certificates before using her services.

The professional traditional healer Mama Mariam

The friendly professional traditional healer Mama Mariam

Free Dreams Interpretations, Free Marriage Advise, Free Consultations!

Don’t worry, you can always decide to meet with Mama Mariam in case you just want to have fun or a friendly discussion & have a cup of coffee while learning something about traditional healing job.

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