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Nelsiwe Crazie Nelspruit - South Africa

“Mama Mariam is a fantastic traditional healer. She helped me with my lover like no one else did. Even when I was feeling really down she found the words to help me keep going and when the spell finally worked, I felt happy like I never was. Thank you so much for this lady who has all my respect!**

HI mama mariam in Africa “Just a few words to tell you my joy! I’m so glad I did this spell with you. Alex and I went out together this week end and we eventually made love together. Since you’ve cast your  powerful witchcraft spell he really changed towards me, that’s amazing. You made a great work and after all the crap I’ve read on internet about spellcaster, I’m so happy I found you.” 

Dear Mama mariam I emailed you about three months ago, explaining my situation that I had become obsessed with my own business downfall and because of this my wife left me.I know it was my own fault, anyway I ordered your business spell over few weeks back.Now my business has boosted again and I noticed my wife text messages to me while she was becoming friendlier towards me. Also, the way I felt was different towards my work and I finally achieved my business and my wife back again.

Mrs Khartoum Sheik from  Saudi Arabia.


Assalam alaikum Mama Mariam

Am the lady you helped in December -2004 who was crying for poverty and divorced from my husband, i hope you can remember me or not?  Doctor wallahi  i have forwarded this testimony from  the bottom of my heart , since you helped me i have never turn back in poverty again, i  contacted you after being divorced from my husband  who left me when  i was  6 months preg

Mrs Khartoum Sheik from  Saudi Arabia

nant  and i had to borrow $750 the price you asked me to send you.  When you  took long to finish the process i thought  you have scammed  me as the previous healers the one started with before,i prayed to allah to give me a strong heart of believing in you and patiently waited until i saw unbelievable  miracle from you with amount of money from your spiritual ancestors came to me. insah allah believe me doctor , since then  i have never suffered  again, and my husband come back to me  i can now feed  2 full masjid's in my area  food a day  which i never believe that i can  do it before . shukran  mama Mariam for that.  May Allah bless you again and again Insha’Allah . Me and my husband are planning to visit you next month insha-allah . oh i forgot to mention that i invested mostly in properties and din. Insah allah As you told me to do


 Insa Allah. My contact:  0917542033090 

Received from :email: khattoom23@yahoo.sa.

shadatul dul ali From United Arab Emirates

Dear sir

I am a sorry doctor to disturb you but I am really grateful for what you did for me and I will appreciate it for the whole of my life. I also thank God for your coming into my life because I would have been crippled by now with a strange disease which attacked both my legs with wounds and black spots. At first I thought it was either diabetes or high blood pressure but when I went to the doctors they told me that they were seeing nothing that’s when I saw your advert on the internet. At first I was just checking but now I know the truth and I trust you to doctor because you are really not like some who promise and do not fulfil. I did everything you told me and took the herbs you gave me as prescribed and now I am feeling better and live. I also have my grandmother who is suffering from a certain disease and I would like you to help her. I am going to send you her details as soon as possible! I will keep in touch! Thank you, doctor.  Contact: 092345768101. Regards, shadatul dul ali

From the United Arab Emirates.  Received from: Email: shadul54u@aol.com

Kurt Johnson from Rome.. Italy

Dear doctor mama
Let those who moke what you do realize the truth about you! because i was among them,but according to what you've done for me , i will ever praise you and even if am a pastor but i can go to TV /Radio stations and give my testimony .God is my witness, may god bless you for ever dr.moosa.
i hope you will know me even if i don't show my name!
from Rome.. 
Received from: Direct web mail      Time: 09:05:45

Lisa Joanita From rio ( Brazil) 


You helped me to come out of debts and poverty, now

i have referred so many clients here, come 2 Brazil man, cus they also need help,thanks   

Joanita  rio ( Brazil) 


Received from: Anonymous caller.


Andrew .D.   from Kenilworth- South Africa

Hi doctor Maama Mariam,

My penis was very small and i was shy to propose love to a woman ! i was even scared that they will laugh at me. i divorced a woman whom i used to love with all my heart because of a penis erection  problem, doc i feel like crying to tell you this. then i used pumps,Viagra pills, erection tablets and other chines stuffs ,but nothing came alright, luckily enough i was  browsing on internet and i saw your website listed, i thought may be its also one of the scamming sites,but my heart insisted on it until i phoned you ,to cut short since i used your remedies when i have sex with a prostitute i go for 5 rounds, my penis become huge ,stiff and even start to pain me. doc is this normal?

your Andrew .D.   frm Kenilworth.

Received from: website direct message.

Mfundo prince - From Johannesburg -SA 

cosby from belgium university

Dear Mama Mariam,
Am contacting you due to the trust i have for you and your spirits, you made my friend a rich man ,and he's the one recommended  me to you, but i have tried to send email to your email addresses but no reply, i hope you will get this one , am tired of bad life suffering ,i have worked for ten years without success even to build a roof on my head, i have got kids who needs proper care and education ,i have lots of debts,i understand my friend had the same problems before getting help from you. now is one of the most success business man in jorberg.please ,my God moosa am begging you with tears in my face, help me to stand on my feet, even if it means to leave government work and come to sleep at your kitchen till you help me i will do, i need good life. i will give testimonies wherever you pleased! please help me sir!
Please reply me urgently! thank you.
Regard Mfundo prince
-Johannesburg -SA       Received from : mfundexual@gov.co.za

Megan H.     From Ontario-Canada   

Hello Mama Mariam 
well done!  my problems are gone  My woman came back last night, i thought it's a joke she came to say good bye to me ,then i waited ,suddenly i saw preparing food,bed and hide under branket, i couldn't believe any thing i see, i decide to sleep at the gouge to see what happens next ,only see her come and slow her self on me start kissing and then i realize you are the true healer,  its now 2 weeks since she came home ,but doc my sex life has gone down i don't know why , i want to come and order for that medicine. i will phone you later today! i appreciate your services, be there for us please. thank you.
Regards Megan H.     From Ontario-Canada   
Received from : mictoursworld@tourism.ca

Maria triumph- from Uruguay


Traditional healer testimonials

Happy day! Happy day! doctor

You have solved my problem, I have just managed to send you $1200 with Western Union, let me text MTCN  Code on your mobile, just for the gift of appreciation and I need to know the price you quoted me before so that i clear it at once even if I paid a deposit, I won't count it.  My bank can not allow me to send much one time! please am happy and I will come to see where your ancestors are to show them my happiness!

Thank you very much

yours in happiness!

Maria triumph-  from  Uruguay   Received from user@facebook.com

Cosby Junior From Belgium

Doc healer!

Am a learner in a certain university here in Belgium,but my problem is one of the cleverness student in my class challenges Us  with her high profile performance and she told my friend that she got magic powers from you Dr.Mama Mariam , our principal   tried to investigate the case and find no evidence of what we claim ,so i need you to help me if its true so that i can also be like her or even better than her,because my parents are poor ,i don't want to fail in my studies ,it will hurt them and stop funding me further. let me know what you say about it. sent from:

Direct web messenger

Patricia Mtombo from Pretoria-East  South Africa.

December client for mama mariam testimony
Dear Dr Mama Mariam. Please thank you for cast a money spell for me late last year. I was trying to settle a job action against me and after the active money spell, I received a settlement from my dismissal pension fund which was denied by my boss.  Patricia, Mtombo.  Pretoria-East   Received from SMS text +27828500324

Ronald Lynbrook, From NY  United States

Client testimony for mama mariam

I wanted you to know that in February I wrote and asked for some help. I needed some money. Three weeks after my spell was cast I won $25, 400. Then a week later I won $3, 4730, then $80, 290. Mama Mariam " Thanks for casting a spell for me last November. On the day you chose I won $35900. on Lotto. The next day I won $10000 at Bingo." Ronald Lynbrook, NY

Received from: brolynsmart@vaildate.co.ca

Angela Mechanicsville, From VA USA


Mama Mariam client testimony

Doc "In August, you cast a spell for me per my request. I bought a lottery ticket at 9:20 pm, the day you cast my spell. Guess What? I hit 4 of 6 and won $45,600! Then I received a letter from the hospital stating that the $38,900 bill I owed was settled for $17600." Angela Mechanicsville, VA "  Received from web comments

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