A traditional Healer with Tips on How to Heal Your Soul & Body

Top traditional healer

A traditional healer Mama Mariam is a woman of many talents, who has lived and breathed health and wellness for almost 30 years. If you want to know more about Mama Mariam, visit her website page right now where she helps people discover their purpose, take control of their lives and achieve lasting joy.

When I was growing up, my grandmother always had a cane by her side. She used it to get around and also as a walking stick. She was a traditional healer and she’d say that every time you see someone using a walking stick or a cane, it’s because they are in pain.

It makes sense right? When you think about it, just about everyone uses some type of walking aid these days. Instead of looking for the “most expensive cane” or the “most comfortable shoe”, why not look towards the source of your pain?
Traditional healers have been using sticks or canes for thousands of years to help them walk better and feel better. When you take care of your body from the inside out, it will automatically take care of itself. You might even be able to stop having those annoying headaches or back pain!

We are a busy world. The more things we have to do, the more likely we are to leave them undone. We get so caught up in day-to-day activities that we often forget to take care of ourselves.

When you’re running around all day eating and drinking, it’s easy to forget how important it is to take time for yourself. A healthy balance between work, life, and self-care is essential for everyone, not just elders.

You don’t have to be an old woman to benefit from some time for yourself; anyone can rejuvenate their mind and body with simple practices and rituals. Here’s a guide on how to find a local elder healer Mama Mariam – or an African traditional healer – who specializes in helping people of all ages feel better fast.


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