Financial problems and bad spirits

My husband and I are drowning in debts. Help Us Mama Mariam

Hi Dr Mama mariam 

I was browsing on the internet and saw your posting and contacts on top best traditional healers. My husband and I are drowning in debts it's hand to mouth now don't even have emergency savings it's really bad. My husband is the only person who is working as am studying but am telling you we are not coping at all am even blacklisted cause we can't pay simple monthly installments.
My mother is dying of depression cause my dead uncle fraudulently took her property and now she is left with my uncle's wife who is using bad spirits for her to die as well. She still has her first portlet papers of the property but now the system does not work with such anymore only the title deed the wife made.  We've paid lawyers but their promises are just vain nothing comes out from it. This problems affect my life and happiness cannot even focus on my studies. I live in Worcester-Cape Town and am worried how am I going to get there to you. Nothing I haven't tried I just lost hope of everything.
Please help doc with your gift

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