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I was told that you work miracle spell on others

Mama Mariam Make For Me a free Miracle Spell

Hi Mama Mariam I'm Jaclyn from Australia...

I was told that you work miracles on others and well i was wondering if you can help me? But i have no money or job because i am a grade school student but i promise you i will post your business on my account for people to see please help me i do not have anything to give i promise i am not lying...

But for my miracle spell  I would like to change my looks because I'm so tired of being bullied and crying myself to sleep every single night about this...I would like to proportionately shrink to my desired height of 5'0". And  i also would like to request to have a total face and body transformation to look just like Adrienne bailon this is what i would like if it's possible.

Also i would like to request to make myself an extreme genius but still have a good mindset in every single subject in the world from math,science,history,art, and foreign language.I'm sorry but one more thing i would like to have my hair to be black,long,wavy, and very thick i would love it if these changes could be permanent...

I just want to think you I want to cry right now because I've been waiting for someone to help me and i just feel as if you are the one that could help me please I've been let down so much i honestly feel so helpless and hopeless but i believe that you are what i needed all along and for that i just want to say thank you mama mariam  because you have to help me with my situation. Please I'm begging you. Please help me to be able to have a chance at happiness in my life I've suffered so much and for so long.

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