sangoma mama mariam gave me money

I have to slaughter 2 bulls to my ancestors

sangoma mama mariam gave me money

 Maama Mariam is the Savior of my life

My name is Bianca  I went to sangoma  mama mariam to help me with my financial situation.  I paid R3050 first then she told me to send the names of 2 ancestors I did. She asked me if I want money in my account I said yes. I saw the SMS from the bank the money was deposited. Then she told me to pay another amount of 10500 so that she can put his stuff for the bank  if asked question. She again told me I have to pay 3500 for a secret pin number because she said I can't go and withdraw with that same pin number I paid the money. She said I have to go to the bank and withdraw money she gave me instructions the balance in my account that was deposited from the short boys were R 1,998,008.00. I got surprised because i was unemployed and used all money of my kids child support grant to pay her and I had nothing left. she said I have to slaughter 2 bulls to my ancestors so because they helped me.  I will just do it because that was my plans just following instructions to help me further.
So please mama mariam tell me how can i assist other people?  I'm living a better life now. please i want also to help more people. Thank  mama mariam  for your trustworthy.
Bianca Willis

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