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Corona Virus Pandemic Organic Herbal Relief

There is no cure for Corona Virus (COVID-19) flu outbreak. However, stay advised to equip with a well-known organic high Vitamin c  & Zinc medicinal plants in the form of fruits and food that strengthens the body immune system to prevent or fight the corona virus infections.

Lemons (3)
Oranges (3)
Garlic (optional)
Pawpaw leaf (a piece, size of your palm)
Mango leaf (3 leaves)
Bitter leaf (2 leaves)
Neem leaf (a few leaves) (optional)
Black pepper (a quarter teaspoon or 10 seeds)

Cut all lemons and oranges with the peels,
Prepare and mix all in the same saucepan,
Add 3 cups of water,
Boil till ready.
Let it cool, sieve and you may add honey.

ADULTS – Take 2 tablespoons, three to four times a day after a meal.
CHILDREN – Put 2 teaspoons in water, juice or tea, two or three times a day after a meal.

#Stay Home#Stay Safe#Stay Healthy. #Wear face Mask & Gloves when possible!

If not feeling well Isolate or quarantine yourself and contact your doctor immediately!


Do it yourself self bad flu treatment reliefs


Soursop (Graviola) Leaves are very beneficial to the Human Body in fighting Lungs infection, Bacterial infections, Cancer, Diabetes, Eye Diseases, Arthritis, and other inflammatory diseases while boosting the Immune System. The natural remedies should use to naturalize body immune cells in order to block the infectious diseases like coronavirus before Remdesivir treatment progresses on corona-virus trial.

They also contain Vitamin C, Zinc, Fibre, Magnesium, Iron, Potassium etc.  Learn More.

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  1. drmoosa

    Although, the news passed on the media reveals that the typical COVID-19 patient taking remdesivir in the study recovered in 11 days, while those in the placebo group took 15 days to recover on average.

    The world is trying to look closely to prove the wonderful discovery of remdesivir coronavirus testing results or otherwise, no one is guaranteed to be safe from Coronavirus pandemic.

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