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AMAYEMBE (The invicible spirit)

What is the purpose of Amayembe?

It is also invisible spiritual stuff which can do anything invisibly without anybody to see or notice it. It is also an amazing spirit which can trace and detect anybody/anything lost from anywhere / any place. It is a practical security soldier which is reliable in protecting and fighting for its boss without even needing a gun or any individual security people. If you need to make or own risky deals/business/properties, surely you need it. Contact Dr. Moosa for more explanations.


Now you can hire Amayembe to make huge amounts of cash, boosting business, keep your home safe from bandits, thieves or robberies. and many more activities and befits you can use it for.

What is the meaning of Amayembe?

AMAYEMBE  is called hidden spirit which you can press in your business while it automatically fetches a batch of customers in your business as sometimes you can put them into your house for generating money as much as you may want. Please contact Dr. Moosa for more explanations.


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